hi there… I’m Sophi

I’m a wife, mother, and cowgirl.

I’m here to share the good, the bad, and everything in between as I raise kids and baby calves on a Montana ranch. Thanks for coming along for the ride!





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  • Rose Red Baby Calves

    Rose Red Baby Calves

    Last December, Cowboy and I bought our own cows. Our little herd consists of ten black Angus cross cows from a rancher in Wilsall plus two Gelbvieh-Red Angus cross cows courtesy of Cowboy’s parents. At the advice of our accountant we set-up an LLC for the livestock, which, after much discussion and a few cocktails,… Read more

  • Branding Pen

    Branding Pen

    Gotta love Cowboys and Paint Horses… Or is it Cowboys on Paint Horses. Maybe just this Cowboy on this Paint Horse. Read more

  • 10 Things I Love About October

    10 Things I Love About October

    It’s fall, or “pre-winter” if you live in Montana. It’s the season between broiling hot August/September and cold, snowy (and gray) months of winter. Fall is Montana is usually very short, so it’s important to sit back and appreciate it while it’s here. So, inspired by The Pioneer Woman’s list, here is my top 10… Read more

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