Rose Red Baby Calves


Last December, Cowboy and I bought our own cows. Our little herd consists of ten black Angus cross cows from a rancher in Wilsall plus two Gelbvieh-Red Angus cross cows courtesy of Cowboy’s parents. At the advice of our accountant we set-up an LLC for the livestock, which, after much discussion and a few cocktails, we named “Windy Country Livestock LLC” — pretty appropriate considering that we moved from what we previously considered the windiest place on Earth (Livingston, Montana) to the actual windiest place on Earth (Springdale, Montana). The months leading up to buying our cows was exciting and stressful as we applied for financing, researched interest rates, and watched the bred cow market. Finally, with a tip from Cowboy’s grandpa and a blank check from the bank, we found our cows. After stroking a big check and loading a couple of trailers, our girls were on their way home. All that was left to do was wait… and feed them.

On Feburary 23rd, our first little lady was born to our #701 cow. By now, she is much bigger and wilder, and the rest of our cows have successfully calved but I found these pictures and had to share in her cuteness. Enjoy!


701 is a sweetheart but even the best cow can get grumpy right after she calves. Hormones! Thank goodness she decided not to take out the photographer here.


Getting checked out. How cute is her pink nose?!



Just a man and his cow… and calf.

One response to “Rose Red Baby Calves”

  1. Awww makes me miss our cows! Love your Blog Cowgirl~!!~

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