6 a.m. at the Ranch

This post was one of my very first on this blog, back in good ol’ 2009. Resurrecting it ten years later is both nostalgic and a little embarrassing. I was writing and sharing without agenda, simply as a creative outlet. I started The Montana Cowgirl as a way to share my new life with a cowboy on a ranch in the mountains of Montana. We were young and wild, and sometimes pretty dumb, but the living was good. And now, it’s better than ever and I am ready to step back into my creative space here. We have moved to a new ranch, we have two ranch babies and I no longer sleep in. Like, ever. Some things are the same however; we still live at the base of the Crazy Mountains and those two ranch dogs are still with us. And we are still blessed to be enjoying life, love and wild times under the Big Sky. Cheers!

For those of you not permanently attached to a ranch cowboy, let me tell you about a cowboy’s sense of time. Unless it is hunting season, my cowboy is up at six o’clock in the morning. Up for breakfast, up to check cows, up to beat the heat during the summer. It is a rare occasion that he sleeps in, and by sleep in I mean anything past seven. On those rare days, he will lament not getting up earlier and therefore, is a crabby cowboy (never a good thing.)
I will admit it, I am not what you would call an early riser. I believe that when I have the opportunity, there is not a single thing wrong with getting out of bed whenever I damn well please. I tell him, “Cowboy, I get alot done while I’m in bed!” and it’s true. Phone calls, reading, journaling, planning, coming up with ideas… I’m a big fan of letting your thoughts wander — my theory is that devoted “daydreaming” time allows for more room to concentrate on getting other stuff done.
My cowboy likes to tease me about my late rising habits. Anyone who talks to him for more than five minutes probably thinks I am incapable of waking any earlier than noon. He thinks its hilarious to let the dogs in at dawn to “say good morning” — which consists of lots of licking and tail-wagging on our precious puppies’ part and a good measure of cussing and yelling on mine.
So, this morning I decided to just give in and wake at 6 a.m. with my cowboy. He didn’t say anything as I made breakfast, or while he got dressed. As he filled his super-tanker coffee cup, he looked over at me, gave me his best, most handsome smile and said “See, isn’t waking up this early great?!” He said this with such genuineness, I just smiled and kissed him goodbye. As I watched him and the pups get into the truck and drive off to check cows, I could not help but be so grateful for these early mornings under the Crazies, even if I only see them every once in a while.